Over 100 Participants on DIGIOP

SAVINGSource is seeing a growing adoption from its participants on the new DIGIOP program. DIGIOP helps prevent return fraud, discount abuse, and procedural violations through reporting, real time alerts, and video. Participants can customize the solution to fit the needs of their business.

How Does It Work?
The store manager at a successful retailer knew he had a reoccurring problem with register shortages but couldn’t seem to pinpoint why. Luckily, the store’s owner had recently installed DIGIOP CARBON.

Using CARBON’s custom report builder, he was able to quickly analyze all of his transactions and look for anomalies. Almost immediately, he spotted something strange. A new employee had an incredibly high number of “No Sale” transactions when compared to other cashiers. Quickly, he began to review the cloud-based video of the employee’s “No Sale” transactions and found that he was opening the drawer and pocketing cash.

After using DIGIOP CARBON to review each of the employee’s transaction in the previous two weeks, they discovered he’d stolen cash on 12 separate occasions, totaling $422. The store manager compiled the evidence using CARBON’s case management portal and they were able to terminate the employee, saving thousands in future theft losses.

DIGIOP is a U.S. based company with over 20 years of supporting retail owners with security and business solutions nationwide through cloud-based software, customized hardware, and a friendly in-house technical support team.

About SAVINGSource
SAVINGSource®, Ace Hardware Corporation’s indirect group purchasing program, drives down operating cost for its participants including Ace Hardware Retailers, Ace Handyman Franchisees and customers of Emery Jensen Distribution. SAVINGSource® leverages the purchasing power of thousands of independently owned businesses to bring supplier programs with improved pricing and buying efficiencies.

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