CALco: Participants are Getting Paid for their Pallets

As a result of a comprehensive RFP, CALco is the SAVINGSource preferred supplier for pallet recycling. This long-awaited national solution will pay for 48x40 4-way pallets, creating a new revenue stream for participants and reduce the amount of waste in their dumpsters.

CALco has seen significant early interest from SAVINGSource participants by offering big wins for many retailers. An early analysis for a large chain has seen more than 30% increase in their rebates while smaller operations are being offered a solution.

About CALco:
CALco is a full-service pallet manufacturer, providing SAVINGSource participants the most cost-effective, cutting-edge, and eco-friendly pallet solutions available in today’s markets.

About SAVINGSource
SAVINGSource®, Ace Hardware Corporation’s indirect group purchasing program, drives down operating cost for its participants including Ace Hardware Retailers, Ace Handyman Franchisees and customers of Emery Jensen Distribution. SAVINGSource® leverages the purchasing power of thousands of independently owned businesses to bring supplier programs with improved pricing and buying efficiencies.

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