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SAVINGSource®, Ace Hardware Corporation’s indirect group purchasing program drives down operating cost for its participants including Ace Hardware Retailers, Ace Handyman Franchisees and customers of Emery Jensen Distribution. SAVINGSource® leverages the purchasing power of thousands of independently owned businesses to bring supplier programs with improved pricing and buying efficiencies.

SAVINGSource® participants have access to supplier programs for products and services across many areas of indirect spend. SAVINGSource® further allows participants to band together for local aggregations, leveraging local and national suppliers. SAVINGSource® helps participants address expenses within technology and communication, professional and financial services, marketing, facilities services and maintenance, supplies and replenishment, store planning and improvement, and equipment and vehicles.

What would you do with an additional $30,000 in savings?

That was the question that Charlston Austin and Warren Pegram of the newly opened Ace Hardware South Fulton got to ask themselves after using numerous SAVINGSource programs.

The value of Ace’s SAVINGSource became apparent when Charlston and Warren embarked on a search to open a new business and had the opportunity to learn about many new franchise and retail models. Charlston and Warren knew they wanted greater control of their business and an opportunity to make this operation their own. After visiting with a popular food franchise, it became apparent that investing in that model meant they would have to follow strict guidelines, accept decisions made for them and lose the opportunity to localize their business. That’s when Charlston came across the Ace Hardware opportunity and learned about the co-op structure that would enable them to have a great amount of control of their business and localize it to meet their local market but at the same time benefit from the buying power of the largest hardware co-op. Charlston and Warren knew their business savvy would fit in well with Ace, they knew for example that adding a rental department would be relevant in their market and they valued a structure that gave them the opportunities and flexibility to make their store successful.

The value of Ace Hardware and the co-op structure multiplied as Charlston and Warren learned about Ace’s SAVINGSource group purchasing platform, giving them the buying power of 4,700+ stores and the flexibility to leverage the parts that made sense for them. At the New Owners Institute, SAVINGSource gave a presentation on the many categories the new owners could take advantage of. Ace team members from SAVINGSource followed up by sending Charlston and Warren information on all of the programs they indicated they were interested in. Programs included Stanley for doors, QuestMark for diamond polished concrete, Signs Unlimited for exterior signage and many others. SAVINGSource pricing was far less than what their general contractor was quoting them.

With $30K in savings, they were able to add on additional projects to keep their store more secure and new employees happy. Charlston and Warren added a security gate, remodeled the bathrooms and upgraded their breakroom furniture with a 50-inch TV. What would you do with an additional $30,000 in savings?
- Charlston Austin, Ace Hardware South Fulton

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